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Being knowledgeable is a factor, but more importantly, a mastery of public speaking allows you to relate to the audience and motivate them to your point.


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Participate confidently in highly motivating, enriching formats that promote critical thinking and cultural understanding and broadening your horizons.


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Tell your story with ease making sure you impress with your powerful perspectives, impressive language and depth in areas that interest you.

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Fresh Everyday
Live NEWS served hot Bite-sized daily live News to keep you up-to-date with the relevant point of views, comprehend at your own pace.
Future Ready
PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Engaging activities, specially designed to focus on your action areas across all future skills.
You Are Unique
PERSONALISED TOPICS We recognise that engagement is higher when reading is aligned to a purpose and your interest areas.
Rise To The Challenge
SWAY THEM WITH YOUR SPEECH Instant feedback on language, spoken clarity to hone your impression. Bring real stories to life, spicing them with your fresh thinking.

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For Millennials or Generation Y,
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Our world is changing fast and in order to get ahead, students need the soft skills, practical skills and entrepreneurial mindset that are essential for success in life.
  • It's great to see the quality of the conversation change!
    Maulshree Joshi
    Shriram Parent
  • AugLi inspires learners to be aware, have a point of view and express them, using contextual learning.
    Vijay Shukla
    Managing Partner, Eduvisors
  • I don’t think I was ever prepped for stage confidence.
    Atif Alam
    School Student